Stalkerbuster is a set of open source software tools to check devices for suspicious network traffic. Traffic is considered “suspicious”, if there are hints that it is originating from stalking apps or similar unwanted sources on the device tested.

Devices (phones, laptops, anything else that can connect to a wireless LAN) are tested “externally”. I.e. they connect to a wireless network spawned by the Stalkerbuster device and then their traffic is scanned by Stalkerbuster giving a quick feedback whether suspicious data are detected.

Technically, Stalkerbuser is a software that is installed on suitable devices. “Suitable” means actually any device that runs GNU/Linux and provides a wireless device that supports monitoring mode.

The latter is a requirement met by, for instance, Raspberry Pi 3+ with its integrated wifi device. Therefore we use Raspberry Pis for development and testing and recommend its use with Stalkerbuster.